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Incorporating the products of more than 100 private brands that it distributes and proven itself on the international platform, Aksesuar Group makes the places you dream of come true.

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The main purpose of our expert design team is to create functional spaces focused on user satisfaction. The combination of the right material selection, sustainable quality and aesthetics can offer surprising solutions to even the most unsolvable problems. That’s why design is a process that must be managed by professionals, from discovery to conclusion. Our discovery teams convey the technical information they report from the application area in detail to our design team. Our design team prepares 3D visuals according to your taste. We do not charge an extra fee for this superior design service we offer to you.


Shipment is a delicate process that requires a technical team with the attitudes and behaviors required by the product. Shipment is a delicate process that requires a technical team with the attitudes and behaviors required by the product. We deliver the products you buy to your address with appropriate conditions and vehicles.


It is important to assemble each product with the appropriate team and tools, with the care required by the product, in order to eliminate possible damage and additional costs. We support after-sales service with our experienced expert teams that provide customer satisfaction-oriented service, and we do not charge any service fees for all products that require installation.


Our professional assembly service is competent in product installation, reliable in testing and budget friendly thanks to its special training. We offer all the products we assemble with the advantage of a 2-year company guarantee and an indefinite service guarantee.


As you know traffic, finding an address in Istanbul is another adventure. Of course, we will always be ready to guide you when you set off. However, if you let us know where you are and what time we need to pick you up, our VIP service person will pick you up at your address and will be happy to address your concerns on the way back.
Every life is special; Accessory Design, your difference…


We are crowning the products and accessories of the world brands that we sell, the combinations we have specially designed for you, with the meticulous applications of our expert teams who undertake the work after the project approval. likes and habitsLiving happily in quality spaces that match your needs will be our only reference.



Zaha Hadid was born in Baghdad in 1950.
The winner of many international competitions, Hadid’s designs are projects that have not been done before.


amón Esteve (1964) has been the founder and director of the studio since 1991. It draws its strength from Mediterranean architecture, a trend that is so well reflected in iconic housing projects such as Casa Sardinera and Refugio en la Viña.


Italian architect and designer Simone Micheli (1964) co-founded his own architecture studio in 1990. Its design is based on efficiency and sustainability, which he considers while shaping his unique creations with strong identities of their own.


rogers Stirk Harbor & Partners is a prestigious international studio. Richard Rogers (1933) is the co-creator of the iconic Georges Pompidou Center in London, as well as other architectural gems such as the Lloyd’s building and the Millennium Dome.

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