Living Bathroom is the concept that underlies the Falper philosophy. The idea of the bathroom as a sort of imaginary extension of the living area. A space that, like the rest of the home, reflects our character, ambitions and tastes.

The bathroom represents an intimate and personal space where we dedicate ourselves to our health. The Living Bathroom concept turns the bathroom into a living enviroment by reinforcing this idea. Falper transcends the canonical concept of well-being, interpreting it not just as care for oneself, but also as a search for beauty that benefits the soul. Authentic materials, natural finishes, skilfully studied combinations. Beauty perceived through the gaze, but also by touch and smell, that recognise the scent and warmth of real wood, the velvety effect of polished marble, the delicacy of a perfect 45° edge.

The deep knowledge of wood that Falper craftsmen have can be seen when the materials are finished. The lacquering and the wood varnish are applied directly in compliance with a precise and complex application and drying procedure.

Constant aesthetic and formal research combined with technological and artisanal knowledge has made Falper a reference point for luxury furniture and bathroom interiors. The company’s values, the curation of the smallest details, and its unique yet essential style are interpreted through internationally recognized designers and young creative professionals. The result is a catalog with nothing but innovative and iconic products, all with minimal lines. The company has earned reputation by getting awards over the years, including the ISH Design Plus Award and the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.


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