L’Antic Colonial

Producing materials for living and feeling. L’Antic Colonial was born in 1999, as the company in the Porcelanosa Group that specializes in natural products. Over 20 years of history during which their natural materials and products have become the undeniable centerpiece of every space. The nobility of its natural materials has always been one of the cornerstones of L’Antic Colonial. A perfect and functional option to create natural and unique spaces and settings. Products that become the unmistakable centerpiece in spaces, seeking to achieve harmony in the essence of each piece, element and area.
Always striving to achieve eco-friendly interior design, a commitment that they have made since day one.
L’Antic Colonial is a company in the PORCELANOSA Group, a leading company in the national and international markets, built upon values such as innovation and quality but, above all, based on the trust placed in an extensive team of nearly 5000 people and caring for social environment.
Natural wood floors are one of the most environmentally-friendly options available in the market. It is a renewable and sustainable product that is the best choice for a “green home”.
L’Antic Colonial use wood from sustainable forests. Controlled forest areas where far more trees are grown than felled. This way, they ensure the continuous creation of new green spaces, while also reducing the negative impact of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere.
L’Antic Colonial, https://www.anticcolonial.com/


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