“SICIS was born by creating and producing high-quality mosaic and innovative coating materials, right from the mosaic, where each tessera is linked to each other to form a single overall image, we took the input to develop our concept of SICIS Interiors. We created interior designs where every piece, from furniture to lightings, fabrics and up to the surfaces, joins the others to create a harmonious and complete environment.

Our motto is “never stop”. We always try to improve, leading us to patent new production processes and create new materials. That’s how we are. Pushing our limits has brought us where we are now.

It is no coincidence that our headquarters are in Ravenna, the historic capital of mosaic, which has always been a source of inspiration for us. And in Italy, home to a taste and creativity that are loved and sought after also abroad. Roots that can be recognized in everything we produce, in the attention we dedicate to every single component, in the care with which we finish every detail.

They say that Italians gesticulate a lot, certainly, we use our hands often. In all our processes there are a lot of manual skills and craftsmanship, but we still give value to the “handmade” concept. To this, we combine the application of traditional processing techniques but revisited a modern key to always keep up with the times. Indeed, a step forward.” -SICIS


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