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Unleashing a new world of artistic potential; it is nurtured by sheer love and passion for the craft. Careful fusion of photographic and digital images with hand-crafted materials develops pioneering artistic pieces for the world. ALEX TURCO’s groundbreaking designs have unleashed a whole new dimension of artistic development. It encourages its customers to take this important step towards a new horizon.

These brand new ARTIFICING INTERFACES offer customers a fully customized experience that meets all their needs and requirements. They satisfy everything from size, color, look and design. Careful attention to each complexity is a sublime choice for any indoor or outdoor venue.

ALEX TURCO is shipped worldwide from their headquarters in Italy and the United States. Working with a number of prominent international companies, architects, businesses and institutes has enabled them to extend their concepts, designs and methods to a wide range of clients. This has triggered a huge trend in interior design, all of which can be traced back to the artistic surfaces of ALEX TURCO. The uniqueness of these surfaces is that they are fully customizable as they can be versatile mounted in any location, weather or temperature.

Alex Turco’s expertise is a blend of his work in interior design and art.

Alex Turco does not recall moments with no art. With a father who is a graphic designer, artist and photographer, Turco’s creativity and artistic approach to its surroundings are two features that he gained in a young age.

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Clients' Testimonials

The artistic surfaces created by ALEX TURCO are truly remarkable. They bring a whole new level of creativity and customization to our indoor and outdoor spaces, making them truly unique and captivating.

Jacob Patel

I was blown away by the beauty and craftsmanship of the art pieces from ALEX TURCO. The fusion of digital and handcrafted elements creates stunning visuals that add a touch of elegance to any setting.

Hallied Howard

The versatility of ALEX TURCO's artistic surfaces is incredible. They can be installed in any location, regardless of weather or temperature, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It's a game-changer in interior design.

Alex Perez

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When he was nine, he’d won awards like “Best Young Photographer”. His work was published in magazines. When he was young, he was experimenting with graphic design. He still utilizes those early experiences in his work today. However, he’s doing stage and set design, fashion and interiors works now.

His success came from his past and the inspiration he took from his father. Besides, it was also from his unconventional approach to collaboration. “Thanks to my father I started as a graphic designer and painter,” says Turco. “I grew up with these from the beginning. The key to our success, however, was to believe in interior design firms and architects, rather than art galleries or art collectors. That was very different and unusual for an artist, but it was key. We called designers we liked at the time, sent samples and afterwards they would send us requests and we would do the work.”

Turco now works as an interior designer developing artistic designs and panels. The breathtaking visuals of these panels got many followers in international arena. Most of them thinks that they became so sought after that they’re considered cult objects. Turco’s unique art panels can be found in homes, businesses and establishments worldwide. Christian Dior ve Louis Vuitton are some of the elite clients of Turco. He has also designed panels for the brand’s Miami, New York, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles showrooms.

When asked what inspires him, Turco answered that his love for nature, minerals and fossils, stating that the natural world is the “best inspiration.” In addition to this, he enjoys looking at other artists’ works to inspire his craft. “I love the photographer David LaChapelle, Italian artist Vincenzo De Cotiis and fashion house Saint Laurent,” he continues. “Because what we do is mixed media, I try to take inspiration from everything and all artists so I can use it to create something new.”