Transforming Italian Ceramic Industry with Elite Cluster Strategy

Revitalizing the Italian ceramic industry through an innovative approach that fosters collaboration and drives growth.

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La Fabbrica – Ava Ceramica

Mandarin Capital Partners II, an Italian Private Equity Fund aiming to support companies in their internationalization process, took the first step of a project aiming to create an elite cluster of companies by purchasing %100 of  La Fabbrica SpA’s shares. It excelled in the promotion of the best products made in Italy in the Italian ceramic industry.

Aksesuar Group

La Fabbrica, which Aksesuar Group sell its products, is specialized in the production and sales of high-quality floors and wall ceramic coverings. Together with Ava Ceramica, they have transformed their search for quality into corporate philosophy, making it a value that has always accompanied them in designing products from the conception to the production to the sales, from the research laboratory to the production facility and to the widespread distribution of sales network in Italy and abroad.

Their ongoing drive for improvement has allowed them to create cutting-edge collections with regards to design and technology, capable of satisfying the technical requirements of architects and interior designers as well as the tastes of the end consumers. Long-range perspective and dedication are part of the La Fabbrica corporate mission day by day growth while establishing its renown on both Italian and international markets.

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Clients' Testimonials

The implementation of the elite cluster strategy has been a game-changer for the Italian ceramic industry. It has fostered collaboration and innovation, propelling the industry to new heights and opening up exciting opportunities for companies like ours.

Garcia Kim

The elite cluster strategy has revitalized the Italian ceramic industry, driving innovation and collaboration among companies. It has created a supportive ecosystem that encourages the exchange of ideas, resources, and expertise, leading to the development of groundbreaking products and solutions.

Alberto M. Lal

The collaborative approach embraced by the Italian ceramic industry has been a catalyst for transformation. By fostering a culture of innovation and fostering cross-industry partnerships, the industry has opened up a world of new possibilities. This strategic direction has set the stage for long-term growth and prosperity.

Patrick T. Aguilar

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