Design, Quality, and Innovation Defining the Future of Bathroom Products

The future of bathroom products with Bathco, where design, quality, and innovation combine to create exceptional solutions for your bathing needs.

Superior Quality and Innovation

Experience the transformative power of our products, driven by superior quality and a passion for innovation.

Exceptional Durability

Trust in our unrivaled durability to outlast and outperform the competition, setting a new bar for excellence.

Global Reputation

Our global reputation for delivering exceptional quality and service sets us apart as a preferred choice.


“We have been designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of bathroom products for 40 years, a period of time in which we have crossed borders thanks to our intuition and know how.

Nowadays, looking back at the past, we are proud of being present in the five continents. The secret may have been the fact of incorporate the latest technology in our work but without forgetting our roots.

Today more than ever, we have an eye to the future; a future full of opportunities in which we want to continue growing thanks to the knowledge gained day after day and which is still increasing.

An important part of Bathco business strategy is the permanent dedication to invest in design, quality and innovation. Based on these three pillars we develop constantly new products in order to resolve customer needs and to adjust us to the tendency changes of the market. Therefore, we collaborate regularly with well-known industrial designers and research centers.

Our company makes a big investment in the research of new materials as well as in design and development of bath articles which offer new possibilities to the users. A clear example is our cooperation with Technological Institute of Components of Cantabria, carried out in 2013.

The aim of the project I+D+I is to develop an innovative material which allows the manufacturing of a high-end sanitary ware that will be waterproof, resistant, lightweight, with a natural finish and completely developed in Cantabria. This new exclusive range will encourage the Bathco international leading position in the bathroom sector.” – BATHCO.

Take a look at our worldwide partners

Discover our esteemed partners across the United States, driving innovation and excellence in the accessory industry. Together, we redefine style, crafting cutting-edge accessories for a diverse American audience. Join us on this inspiring journey of collaboration nationwide.

Clients' Testimonials

Bathco's commitment to design, quality, and innovation is truly remarkable. Their bathroom products have transformed my bathing experience. The attention to detail, use of advanced materials, and stylish designs have exceeded my expectations. Bathco is leading the way in defining the future of bathroom products.

Adam Houston

Choosing Bathco for my bathroom was one of the best decisions I made. The combination of design, quality, and innovation is evident in every product. The attention to detail and the use of cutting-edge materials have resulted in a bathroom that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Bathco is redefining the future of bathroom products.

Gregory White

There dedication to design, quality, and innovation shines through in every aspect of their bathroom products. From stylish faucets to durable and lightweight sanitary ware, their range has exceeded my expectations. Bathco's commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry is evident in their exceptional product offerings.

Colton Miller

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