The Cornerstones of Giulini G. Rubinetteria's Legacy in Taps and Accessories

Embodying quality, creativity, innovation, and passion, Giulini G. Rubinetteria sets the standard in taps and accessories with a legacy that stands the test of time.

Superior Quality and Innovation

Experience the transformative power of our products, driven by superior quality and a passion for innovation.

Exceptional Durability

Trust in our unrivaled durability to outlast and outperform the competition, setting a new bar for excellence.

Global Reputation

Our global reputation for delivering exceptional quality and service sets us apart as a preferred choice.


Ever since it was founded by Giovanni Giulini and Graziella Godio in 1966, Giulini G. Rubinetteria has been guided by four fundamental principles: quality, creativity, innovation, passion. The same principles with which we interpret a constantly evolving market and by which we let ourselves be guided when we shape our collections of taps and accessories for bathroom and kitchen.

Take a look at our worldwide partners

Discover our esteemed partners across the United States, driving innovation and excellence in the accessory industry. Together, we redefine style, crafting cutting-edge accessories for a diverse American audience. Join us on this inspiring journey of collaboration nationwide.

Clients' Testimonials

I have been using Giulini G. Rubinetteria products for years, and they never cease to impress me. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in every piece. The passion they put into their work is palpable, and it shows in the beauty and functionality of their taps and accessories.

Maverick Mckinney

As an interior designer, I always turn to Giulini G. Rubinetteria for my clients' projects. Their taps and accessories add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. The combination of quality and innovation is unmatched, and it allows me to create truly remarkable designs.

Brooklyn Ward

Giulini G. Rubinetteria has truly exceeded my expectations with their taps and accessories. The quality is impeccable, and the designs are so creative and unique. I love the innovative features they offer, making my bathroom and kitchen experiences more convenient and enjoyable.

Leon Green

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