Bringing a new dimension to the decoration it started in 1996, Aksesuar Group brings the quality of your living spaces to the top thanks to the functional, aesthetic and permanent solutions it produces. Offering special designs of luxury brands in Europe, from bathrooms to kitchens, from outdoor façade stones to garden arrangements, Aksesuar Group introduces you to the latest innovations with alternative product groups in home decoration. Incorporating the products of more than 100 private brands that it distributes and proven itself on the international platform, Aksesuar Group makes the places you dream of come true. Accessory Group offers you the richest product range in the world with its expert staff, strong infrastructure and superior product supply chain in its four stores with a total area of 7,500 square meters in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iraq.

In addition, it adds a unique atmosphere to your spaces by supporting alternative original decoration ideas produced by its expert design team with special architectural designs. Aiming to create more value, Aksesuar Group has successfully implemented and delivered many turnkey construction projects in the countries where it operates. Thanks to its international experience in the construction sector and the high technology it uses, Aksesuar Group produces high quality buildings with low construction costs, and continues to produce modern buildings that add identity to cities with the residences, business centers, restaurant and hotel projects it has completed.


To represent the world brands that we represent in the markets we are in in the best way, to be a global brand with the service quality we provide in space design and applications.


To present aesthetic, functional and high quality construction materials with the best design and application quality, to ensure sustainability in current life quality.To create absolute customer satisfaction, to be a world brand in the light of the high standards we have achieved in sales and after-sales service together with our solution partners.


We support the technological infrastructure of the departments of universities related to our sector. In addition, we organize sectoral promotion and information events to raise awareness among our students studying in the relevant departments.We offer support programs to our young people who will step into the industry by completing their education, about the developing trends in the world, the leading brands of the industry and internationally accepted quality standards, and improve their business and productivity-related qualifications for the future.

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