Ideagroup's Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Setting the Standard for Modern Bathroom Furniture: Ideagroup's Unparalleled Quality, Innovation, and Flexibility.

Superior Quality and Innovation

Experience the transformative power of our products, driven by superior quality and a passion for innovation.

Exceptional Durability

Trust in our unrivaled durability to outlast and outperform the competition, setting a new bar for excellence.

Global Reputation

Our global reputation for delivering exceptional quality and service sets us apart as a preferred choice.


Ideagroup, a leader in the creation of modern designer bathroom furniture, is synonymous with quality, a dynamic outlook, research, technology, flexibility, and maximum production capacity.

Constant research unites all the group’s activities and results in the creation of innovative bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories. This is the group’s strategy for meeting the challenges of a growing, demanding market.

Our constant aim is to meet customers’ needs.

We have achieved this through four companies working in perfect symbiosis to respond to the market by providing a wide range of bathroom furniture that is highly competitive in terms of design, quality, and price.

Idea is the longest-standing company in the group. It has grown by integrating new competencies and special technical skills to create bathroom furniture product lines that will be practical and attractive in any bathroom. The design of Idea bathroom furniture is elegant and refined and goes from innovative to evergreen classical lines. This flexibility allows the company to successfully experiment with materials and technologies that can provide its customers with superior bathroom furniture.

Take a look at our worldwide partners

Discover our esteemed partners across the United States, driving innovation and excellence in the accessory industry. Together, we redefine style, crafting cutting-edge accessories for a diverse American audience. Join us on this inspiring journey of collaboration nationwide.

Clients' Testimonials

Ideagroup has truly set the benchmark for modern bathroom furniture. Their attention to quality, innovation, and design is evident in every piece they create.

Jade May

I was impressed by Ideagroup's commitment to research and technology. Their bathroom furniture reflects the latest trends and incorporates smart features that enhance functionality.

Eli Lee

Flexibility is one of Ideagroup's greatest strengths. They offer a wide range of designs and styles, ensuring that every customer can find the perfect bathroom furniture to suit their taste and space.

Daxton Watkins

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