Timeless Luxury and Authentic Craftsmanship: The Essence of Italian Design"

Exquisite Italian design that embodies timeless luxury and showcases the artistry of authentic craftsmanship.

Superior Quality and Innovation

Experience the transformative power of our products, driven by superior quality and a passion for innovation.

Exceptional Durability

Trust in our unrivaled durability to outlast and outperform the competition, setting a new bar for excellence.

Global Reputation

Our global reputation for delivering exceptional quality and service sets us apart as a preferred choice.


A classic and elegant expression of the constant research that reworks tradition and defines a timeless style. A luxury range comprising flooring, wall facings, and bathroom furniture symbol of the most authentic Made in Italy products.

Wall facings, flooring, and furnishings which express the character of the interiors, defining them through the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship, the sophistication of the finishes, the hyperdecoration of the ceramics, and the preciousness of the details.  A perfect combination, which thrives on the references and assonances between each element, without neglecting the desire to interpret the spaces according to personal taste, transforming them into exclusive places

With Petracer’s, ceramic returns to its more authentic vocation: Decoration. Decoration intended as an expressive and stylistic force. An ideal of eclectic, multiform, colorful beauty. Beyond fashion and trends. Always looking for exclusive and refined luxury, thanks to the preciousness of the materials and the interpretation of styles in an authentic and personal key.

The ability to dare not one, but any kind of finesses, many different expressions to affirm beauty with passion, character, and originality. The great classics of living, from “boiserie” (woodwork) to déco style and fabrics, are reinterpreted in a contemporary way. Because style and elegance, while interpreting different cultures and tastes, have always been synonymous with Made in Italy.

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Clients' Testimonials

The impeccable quality and timeless beauty of the products from this brand have transformed my interiors into works of art. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship displayed in every piece is truly remarkable.

Chase Ward

I was searching for luxury and sophistication for my home, and I found it in the exquisite collection of this brand. The materials, finishes, and intricate designs have exceeded my expectations and added a touch of elegance to my living spaces.

Ezra Torres

I have always been captivated by the beauty and sophistication of Italian design, and this brand has exceeded my expectations. The combination of exquisite materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and an understanding of timeless elegance sets this brand apart and makes it a true representation of Italian luxury.

Josue Scott

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Interpreters of tradition and Italian style that have left a mark over time and continue to be a propeller of beauty, we love luxury, not as ostentation but rather as a sign of exclusivity.


Extraordinary character, traditional craftsmanship, and supreme quality raw materials: the Petracer’s flooring and wall facings collections are the perfect unions of classic and modern, which combine in the clean lines, the structures, and the shades of the ceramics.

Like a dress with luxurious trimmings, flooring and wall facings complete their interiors with character, adding that extra quality to them and making them unique and unmistakable, thanks to the expertise and craftsmanship of the materials. The finest collections, enriched with the precious touch of metals and by the range of colors and decorations, for those who have no desire to follow fashions but prefer to have a timeless elegance.


Interiors come from a unique style, capable of intertwining contemporaneity and timeless lines. Form and function come together in a unique interior project, made more precious by the care and attention taken with the excellent quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Every single luxury design bathroom furnishing is created thanks to the excellence and expertise of Italian craftsmen: the complexity is not necessarily just about magnificence, but also the care and attention paid to those details which make the difference, such as the octagonal shape and the sinuous lines of the tap range.

Like an haute couture dress, it is possible to personalize Petracer’s furnishings so that they can reflect the shades of the personality of those who have chosen to bring poetry into their everyday lives.