Elevating Metal to Artistry in Bathroom Design

Discover the epitome of elegance and craftsmanship with Windisch's exquisite bathroom accessories, where artistry meets functionality.

Superior Quality and Innovation

Experience the transformative power of our products, driven by superior quality and a passion for innovation.

Exceptional Durability

Trust in our unrivaled durability to outlast and outperform the competition, setting a new bar for excellence.

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Our global reputation for delivering exceptional quality and service sets us apart as a preferred choice.


Founded in 1934, WINDISCH, S.A. is a family-owned enterprise whose principal aim is to unite vocation, experience and tradition to raise the metal to the category of art with total professionalism.

Their activity is centered on the manufacture of articles and complements directed the area of the bathroom, with a policy based on the elegant, practical and functional design dividing in three ranges of products: magnification mirrors, accessories (wastebaskets, roll holder, towel racks, soap-dishes, etc.) and complements (gel dispensers, tissues boxes, etc.).

Windisch Technology

In Windisch, the excellence of production is combined with the latest techniques in metallurgy, resulting in products of the highest quality.

Starting with brass in its raw form, we apply a coat of electrolyte, chrome and 24-carat gold using the latest techniques exist.

Every piece that comes out of our workshop is individually checked, to the smallest detail, in line with our detailed quality controls.

Aksesuar Group has been exhibiting Windisch‘s products at the peak of elegance and elegance in Azerbaijan – Iraq – Turkey showrooms for many years and offers it to its customers with the best presentations. Windisch products are presented in all showrooms of Aksesuar Group, which adds value to its products. WINDISCH & AKSESUAR GROUP.

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Discover our esteemed partners across the United States, driving innovation and excellence in the accessory industry. Together, we redefine style, crafting cutting-edge accessories for a diverse American audience. Join us on this inspiring journey of collaboration nationwide.

Clients' Testimonials

Windisch has been a trusted name in bathroom accessories since 1934, and their commitment to excellence is evident in every product they create. From their stunning magnification mirrors to their thoughtfully designed accessories and complements, Windisch combines elegance with practicality. The use of high-quality materials and advanced metallurgy techniques ensures that their products are of the highest standard.

Ariel Baker

I am thoroughly impressed with Windisch's bathroom accessories. The attention to detail in their craftsmanship is remarkable, and it's clear that they take pride in their work. The range of products they offer, from wastebaskets to towel racks and soap dishes, showcases their dedication to elegant and functional design. The use of electroplating and 24-carat gold adds a touch of luxury to each piece.

Peter Evans

They truly understands the art of elevating bathroom metalwork to new heights. Their range of products, including gel dispensers, tissue boxes, and towel racks, is a testament to their commitment to elegant and practical design. I appreciate the meticulous quality controls they implement, ensuring that every piece leaving their workshop is flawless. The use of brass as a base, followed by electrolyte coating and a final touch of chrome and 24-carat gold, showcases their dedication to creating products of the highest quality.

Nora Newman

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